The Feat of Rubber Wristbands

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When you say ‘feat’, it usually means a big achievement that required courage, strength and skill. Then again, one wouldn’t describe rubber wristbands as brave, strong or skilled. Everyone knows what these small bands made of rubber are capable of, and the list isn’t very long. Rubber bands are your everyday binding materials used in the house, in school or at the office. If one gets lost, nobody bats an eye. After all, these bands are sold by the box. The problem is people are only aware of one type of rubber band. There are a lot of types of rubber bands for different purposes.

Rubber BraceletsThe most generic rubber band is the supply rubber band. Those are the brown loops that are tough and used as tools for binding. Factories use them to keep loose tools together. Agriculture makes use of rubber bands for packaging fruits and vegetables. Artists wrap bands around their brushes and pencils to keep them together. Publishing houses keeps old manuscripts in rolls for future references, with the rubber band keeping them intact.

People might not notice, but another type of rubber bands can be used as hair accessories. Some hair ties are made from rubber because it’s a better material to hold hair together. Smaller bands are also produced for more creative styles.

The age of pop culture has given a new meaning to rubber bands. In 2000, Lance Armstrong released a new kind of rubber bands that are thicker and wider. He used them as items for his advocacy – to fight cancer. Now, rubber wristbands are being used as jewelry and accessories. Companies making customized rubber bands are gaining a lot of attention and money from various people who want these bands for different purposes.

Rubber wristbands have long shifted from just being ordinary items for binding and storing. Presently, they are now used as accessories, advertising materials, giveaways and items for fund-raising activities.

Customized rubber bracelets are known as campaign materials. When Lance Armstrong released his ‘Livestrong’ bands, other organizations and groups followed his footsteps. The ‘Livestrong’ bands created such a phenomenon that others adapted the technique. Now, color-coded rubber bracelets have made their iconic mark on the rubber jewelry industry. Green bands are understood as support for environmental causes. Pink rubber bands are for women-related campaigns. Yellow signifies hope, and the original fight for cancer.

In connection with awareness tools, companies also utilize the rubber bracelets as promotional materials. Sports brands such as Nike released originally designed rubber bands as support for the company’s name. Other businesses sported the rubber bands by producing their own designs. Wittier statements caught the target market’s attention.

Aside from being appealing with audiences, the customized rubber bracelets are also cheap to make. They are good items for fund-raising. Usually, organizations fighting for certain causes sell their creative designs of the rubber bracelet and donate all the earnings to that particular movement. The bands sell good and the production process is inexpensive, making the rubber bracelets both efficient and effective.

Events and parties also have them as giveaways or party favors. A children’s birthday party can have interesting souvenirs by customizing rubber bracelets. At the same time, rubber jewelry appeal the most to younger generations. Other social gatherings can have them as tokens. With the over-all theme and a few smart statements as the design of the bracelet, attendees would surely remember the event for a long time.

Rubber wristbands could also be given away as personalized gifts. There are several customized rubber jewelry businesses all over the country, as well as on the internet, so having a personally designed accessory is not a problem at all.

Rubber bracelets could solve the problem of ID cards getting lost. Some companies have their own customized rubber bracelets as identification tools for the employees who work for them. This saves the hassle of having to take care of an ID card. Instead, employees would just slip on the rubber bracelet. In past eras, the rubber bracelet was also used by a group to determine its members.

With all of these in mind, it would be understandable to say that rubber wristbands have, in fact, achieved a feat in society. They are strong materials and it took skill to discover how far they could go.

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