Golf Grips and the Importance of Re-gripping your Clubs

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It is important to have the correct golf grips if you want to gain full control of your game. The right grip size gives you confidence in each swing you make. You can save around three to four strokes per round if you use the right grip size.

It is equally important to re-grip your golf clubs to make sure that you will be able to deliver the right swing at a crucial moment.

The Need to Re-grip your Clubs

A reliable grip is important in the game of golf. The grip is the only part of the club that the golfer can touch. Unfortunately, grips also deteriorate with time. They are made of materials that can be affected by dirt, heat, and sweat or oils from your hands.

The golf grips make it possible for you to hold the club lightly so you can swing it to the direction you wish your golf ball to go. You don’t need to worry about losing your club as you swing and all thanks to the traction of your fresh grips.

The relaxed state of your hands as you hold your golf club allows you to swing better. The worn out grips make you hold the club tighter to prevent it from escaping your hands as you swing. You lose power and control over your swing. When that happens, it would be difficult for you to make the ball follow the direction that you want it to go.

You need to make sure that your grips provide the traction that you need, and you should re-grip your clubs when it is time to do so.

How often should you Re-grip your Clubs?

It is advisable to follow the rule of thumb of re-gripping the clubs after 40 rounds, or every year. Even if you think that your grips can still provide the traction that you need, it is best not to wait for the last minute to re-grip your clubs. Your golf grips need to provide the right traction all the time.

Golf Grips

Sometimes, you might need to re-grip your clubs at the soonest possible time even if your last re-grip took place just several months ago. Remember that grips have tendency to lose their traction depending on how frequent you use your clubs. There are golfers who prefer to re-grip every spring so they won’t forget.

There are several ways to re-grip your clubs. You can contact the golf retailer near you when it’s time to re-grip your clubs. You can also try the on-course shop or qualified golf club fitter to re-grip your clubs. It only takes a few hours to re-grip the clubs, and there are some that needs a day or so to re-grip your clubs. You can also learn to re-grip your own club if you want.

Making the Grips Last Longer

You can somehow make the golf grips last longer with regular cleaning. The effective cleaning agent for the grips is mild dish washing detergent. You can use a soft abrasive brush or pad to the rubber grips. You can use a soft washcloth in cleaning the non-buffed grips. Rinse the grips with warm water to completely remove the soap residue. You can let the grips dry on their own or use a towel to dry them.

The efficient grips can improve your game. They can help you swing better and drop your strokes. A national survey revealed that 66% of golfers who re-gripped their clubs have seen great improvement in their game. The golf grips with reliable traction can help a golfer a lot in delivering the swing that could lead him to victory.

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