Military Coins: Symbols Of A Great Heritage

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Military coins may be small keepsakes, but they serve as great symbols of an even greater tradition. The use of these coins are widespread in the United States Armed Forces, and servicemen carry these coins on their person all the time as a sort of identification and proof of membership. Unit commanders also give these to their subordinates to recognize special achievements. They are also called challenge coins, with their use deeply rooted in military culture.

When one announces a “coin check”, all military personnel present are to show their coins. Anyone who does not have one will buy a round of drinks for the rest of the group. Such a challenge is issued to ensure that servicemen carry their respective military coins on their person at all times. A few Presidents of the United States—namely Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama—have also adopted the use of these coins as presents given to visiting foreign dignitaries.

Our military coins can come in a wide range of colors and finishes – from simple one like silver, nickel, brass, copper, bronze, and antiquated—up to a 24-karat gold finish. They can be coated with clear epoxy to provide extra resilience and guard against scratches. Challenge coins can be made using two methods. Zinc alloy castings are an economical method to create coins, while the die striking method creates a superior quality product – at a higher cost. A lot of companies nowadays outsource their production of these coins to China and South Korea, with the latter having a strong military connection due to the presence of US bases there.

There are several stories about how military coins came to be, with the earliest dating back to the Roman Empire. Widespred use of the coins in the military originated during World War I, with medallions stamped with a unit’s logo or insignia issued to airmen. A common story of the coins’ origin involves a pilot who received a bronze medallion, kept in a pouch hung around his neck. The pilot’s craft was damaged during a skirmish in French territory, forcing him to land.

Shortly after, he was captured by a German patrol that took anything related to his personal identification – save for the pouch around his neck. He fortunately managed to escape his captors, obtain civilian attire, and blend in with the locals. However, the local French militia mistook him for a German spy and was about to execute him.

The medallion became handy at that point in time. Having no other identification, he showed it to his new captors. One of the militiamen recognized the insignia on the medal and, after verifying the pilot’s identity, spared the latter and gave him a bottle of wine instead. Other stories abound of certain coins being used as tools to prevent enemy spies and saboteurs from infiltrating resistance organizations—from within Nazi Germany and the Japanese occupation of the Philippines, up until the Vietnam War.

The Air Force also makes use of our military coins as a proof of completion. Trainees who have successfully passed the Air Force Basic Military Training course are presented with an “airman’s coin”, the branch’s version of a challenge coin featuring designs centered around the Air Force’s logo. Graduates of the course are no longer called trainees after receiving the coin, but will now be addressed as airmen. In addition to this purpose, an airman’s coin will serve as the very first coin they will receive during their course of service with the United States Air Force.

Nowadays, challenge coins have also seen widespread use outside of the military. Police departments, fire departments, and a number of fraternal societies have used challenge coins as awards presented to their most exemplary members. Its use has also spread to other countries; Switzerland, Britain, Australia, and Canada have also started issuing coins to their military who have shown extraordinary bravery while in the line of duty. A lot of companies nowadays outsource their production of these coins but is the best source for different designs of military coins and other coins.

People You Need To Contact to Sell Long Island Commercial Real Estate

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Selling Long Island commercial real estate can be a daunting task. There are a lot of properties in the market today and it is a must for your property to be at its best in order to sell itself. You will also need to get a lot of guidance from people who already have experience in real estate. This is important because residential properties are easier and quicker to sell than commercial properties. This is primarily because not everyone wants to put up their own business but everyone needs a home.

Here are a few people you should consider contacting if you’re thinking of selling your Long Island commercial real estate :

1. An agent

It is important to consult with a select few agents before actually hiring one. There are a lot of agents out there but not all of them can give you what you specifically want. Therefore, it is a must to chat with prospective agents in order to end up with the one that suits you and your needs more. It is a good idea to take note of their experience. Don’t just look at the number of years they’ve been in the industry; remember to assess their experience in dealing with properties in your area. It is also important to ask them to give you marketing plan options beforehand so that you can choose the best marketing plan to sell your property.

2. Financial Advisers

Real EstatesIt is highly important to talk to your financial advisers if you plan on selling. In case you don’t have one yet, make sure to choose a good adviser that is experienced in the type of transaction you are planning to undertake. If you already have one, make sure to assess all the possible costs that will be needed to make the sale viable because you will have to improve the property and satisfy a lot of legal requirements before you could actually sell it.

3. Professional Contractor/Builder

You also have to consult with a professional contractor or builder that specializes in Long Island commercial real estate. He should know very well the area where your property is located. He should also know the particular features and amenities that attract investors to the area. Potential buyers should be able to envision themselves living and breathing in your property. He could give you an idea of how to improve it similar to that of home stagers. He will be able to give you advice on how to make your property more appealing to buyers. This includes advice on structural improvements to make the property more appealing. A few improvements here and there can actually drastically improve not only a property’s overall look but its market value as well.

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History and Uses of Neck Lanyards

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Many people use neck lanyards every day to carry items like their ID’s, badges and other small objects. Students and professionals use them, but not many people know how lanyards came to be. It is quite interesting that this very useful tool has been around for so many centuries. The history of lanyards can actually be very noteworthy.

Origin of the Word Lanyard

The first references of the use of lanyards can be dated back to 15th century France. The word lanyard was taken from a French word “laniere,” which means a strap or cord device. However, even before the device was called lanyard in the 15th century, it is already being used for many years.

Neck LanyardsSoon after, members of the French military used lanyards to connect their sword, whistle, or pistol to their uniform. A well-built pistol lanyard can easily be detached and connected back by the user, but the lanyard can stay attached to the pistol whether it is in a holster or drawn.

First Use of Lanyards

Before neck lanyards were used to hold IDs and other stuff, lanyards were used by sailors as a device when they were aboard vessels. Because boats in the past need more workforces to operate, people encountered all kinds of risks, particularly those who have to tighten the riggings. A lot of them also faced problems since they have to carry items like whistles and knives. So, rather than putting their life in danger, they made lanyards with the use of spare ropes. They tied the ropes together, knotted their items, and wore these around their necks.

Lanyards in the 19th Century

Lanyards remain to be popular as time goes by. In the 19th century, people attached their weapons to lanyards. However, lanyards were hidden underneath their coats. This is their way of defending themselves from their enemies. Although lanyards were hidden, weapons such as a pistol or knife can be withdrawn easily. As a matter of fact, the location of the lanyard made it easy to protect themselves from attackers.


Even militaries recognize the practical use of lanyards. Inspired by how the French military used their lanyards, militaries use them to hold their pistols and other small weapons. During the World War II, American and British soldiers used lanyards.

Through the years, lanyards are used as an ornament to military outfit. They were also used to indicate the soldier’s rank. While it was initially used as a simple cord, it later became woven and featured more diverse colors.

Mountain Climbing

Lanyards not only have practical uses as neck lanyards, but they are also an important device in mountain climbing. This outdoor sport is really dangerous, so mountaineers need a helpful device that will keep them from falling. They use a type of lanyard, which is known as a linemen lanyard. Only the strongest materials are used to make this lanyard so that the rope will not break.

Arts and Crafts

This is very popular for children during their summer camps. The process of creating lanyards using arts and crafts is called boondoggle, rex-lace, or scoubidou.

Modern Uses

Nowadays, lanyards are not used to hold weapons. They are now commonly used for identification. The most famous types are neck lanyards with a light plastic holder attached to them to hold ID cards. Aside from identification, other people use them to hold their cell phone, handheld gadgets, keychain, camera, etc.

Many people may not have thought that lanyards were used in the military to carry objects. Because of its versatility, neck lanyards have become really popular over the years. Not only are they capable of holding ID cards, they are also great in holding other valuable items.

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Golf Grips and the Importance of Re-gripping your Clubs

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It is important to have the correct golf grips if you want to gain full control of your game. The right grip size gives you confidence in each swing you make. You can save around three to four strokes per round if you use the right grip size.

It is equally important to re-grip your golf clubs to make sure that you will be able to deliver the right swing at a crucial moment.

The Need to Re-grip your Clubs

A reliable grip is important in the game of golf. The grip is the only part of the club that the golfer can touch. Unfortunately, grips also deteriorate with time. They are made of materials that can be affected by dirt, heat, and sweat or oils from your hands.

The golf grips make it possible for you to hold the club lightly so you can swing it to the direction you wish your golf ball to go. You don’t need to worry about losing your club as you swing and all thanks to the traction of your fresh grips.

The relaxed state of your hands as you hold your golf club allows you to swing better. The worn out grips make you hold the club tighter to prevent it from escaping your hands as you swing. You lose power and control over your swing. When that happens, it would be difficult for you to make the ball follow the direction that you want it to go.

You need to make sure that your grips provide the traction that you need, and you should re-grip your clubs when it is time to do so.

How often should you Re-grip your Clubs?

It is advisable to follow the rule of thumb of re-gripping the clubs after 40 rounds, or every year. Even if you think that your grips can still provide the traction that you need, it is best not to wait for the last minute to re-grip your clubs. Your golf grips need to provide the right traction all the time.

Golf Grips

Sometimes, you might need to re-grip your clubs at the soonest possible time even if your last re-grip took place just several months ago. Remember that grips have tendency to lose their traction depending on how frequent you use your clubs. There are golfers who prefer to re-grip every spring so they won’t forget.

There are several ways to re-grip your clubs. You can contact the golf retailer near you when it’s time to re-grip your clubs. You can also try the on-course shop or qualified golf club fitter to re-grip your clubs. It only takes a few hours to re-grip the clubs, and there are some that needs a day or so to re-grip your clubs. You can also learn to re-grip your own club if you want.

Making the Grips Last Longer

You can somehow make the golf grips last longer with regular cleaning. The effective cleaning agent for the grips is mild dish washing detergent. You can use a soft abrasive brush or pad to the rubber grips. You can use a soft washcloth in cleaning the non-buffed grips. Rinse the grips with warm water to completely remove the soap residue. You can let the grips dry on their own or use a towel to dry them.

The efficient grips can improve your game. They can help you swing better and drop your strokes. A national survey revealed that 66% of golfers who re-gripped their clubs have seen great improvement in their game. The golf grips with reliable traction can help a golfer a lot in delivering the swing that could lead him to victory.

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The Feat of Rubber Wristbands

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When you say ‘feat’, it usually means a big achievement that required courage, strength and skill. Then again, one wouldn’t describe rubber wristbands as brave, strong or skilled. Everyone knows what these small bands made of rubber are capable of, and the list isn’t very long. Rubber bands are your everyday binding materials used in the house, in school or at the office. If one gets lost, nobody bats an eye. After all, these bands are sold by the box. The problem is people are only aware of one type of rubber band. There are a lot of types of rubber bands for different purposes.

Rubber BraceletsThe most generic rubber band is the supply rubber band. Those are the brown loops that are tough and used as tools for binding. Factories use them to keep loose tools together. Agriculture makes use of rubber bands for packaging fruits and vegetables. Artists wrap bands around their brushes and pencils to keep them together. Publishing houses keeps old manuscripts in rolls for future references, with the rubber band keeping them intact.

People might not notice, but another type of rubber bands can be used as hair accessories. Some hair ties are made from rubber because it’s a better material to hold hair together. Smaller bands are also produced for more creative styles.

The age of pop culture has given a new meaning to rubber bands. In 2000, Lance Armstrong released a new kind of rubber bands that are thicker and wider. He used them as items for his advocacy – to fight cancer. Now, rubber wristbands are being used as jewelry and accessories. Companies making customized rubber bands are gaining a lot of attention and money from various people who want these bands for different purposes.

Rubber wristbands have long shifted from just being ordinary items for binding and storing. Presently, they are now used as accessories, advertising materials, giveaways and items for fund-raising activities.

Customized rubber bracelets are known as campaign materials. When Lance Armstrong released his ‘Livestrong’ bands, other organizations and groups followed his footsteps. The ‘Livestrong’ bands created such a phenomenon that others adapted the technique. Now, color-coded rubber bracelets have made their iconic mark on the rubber jewelry industry. Green bands are understood as support for environmental causes. Pink rubber bands are for women-related campaigns. Yellow signifies hope, and the original fight for cancer.

In connection with awareness tools, companies also utilize the rubber bracelets as promotional materials. Sports brands such as Nike released originally designed rubber bands as support for the company’s name. Other businesses sported the rubber bands by producing their own designs. Wittier statements caught the target market’s attention.

Aside from being appealing with audiences, the customized rubber bracelets are also cheap to make. They are good items for fund-raising. Usually, organizations fighting for certain causes sell their creative designs of the rubber bracelet and donate all the earnings to that particular movement. The bands sell good and the production process is inexpensive, making the rubber bracelets both efficient and effective.

Events and parties also have them as giveaways or party favors. A children’s birthday party can have interesting souvenirs by customizing rubber bracelets. At the same time, rubber jewelry appeal the most to younger generations. Other social gatherings can have them as tokens. With the over-all theme and a few smart statements as the design of the bracelet, attendees would surely remember the event for a long time.

Rubber wristbands could also be given away as personalized gifts. There are several customized rubber jewelry businesses all over the country, as well as on the internet, so having a personally designed accessory is not a problem at all.

Rubber bracelets could solve the problem of ID cards getting lost. Some companies have their own customized rubber bracelets as identification tools for the employees who work for them. This saves the hassle of having to take care of an ID card. Instead, employees would just slip on the rubber bracelet. In past eras, the rubber bracelet was also used by a group to determine its members.

With all of these in mind, it would be understandable to say that rubber wristbands have, in fact, achieved a feat in society. They are strong materials and it took skill to discover how far they could go.

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Common Mistakes People Make When Getting a Mister

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Getting a mister is not as easy or as simple as some people would think it is. It involves a great deal of consideration and effort to get the right kind of mist fans.

CoolMistingFanNot all mist fans are different. Some of them are bigger or smaller than others. Some are louder while others make less noise. There are mist fans made out of plastic, and then there are those that are made out of metal.

The point is this, there are so many different kinds of mist fans to choose from that finding the right one can cause a sickening migraine. Choosing a good mister means finding the right qualities that help ensure that the mist fan will address the owner’s needs.

Learning to avoid mistakes is just as important as learning how to do something right. Life can sometimes be a trial and error process after all. Here are a few of the common mistakes people get when they buy a mist fan.

Buying a mist fan that does not address the needs

This is the most expensive mistake that owners can make. They buy a mist fan that does not even satisfy their needs. Example, a person who wants to use the mist fan for a large annual family reunion will make a mistake in getting a medium pressure mist fan.

There are all sorts of mist fans out there to choose from. The pressure system, the type of nozzle system used, and the materials used in a mist fan’s constructions are just some of the important things consumers need to keep in mind. Appreciating how mist fans work will help a person discover which one would be best for their needs.

People have to avoid the bad habit of simply walking into a store and getting a mister based on some wild guess. Doing a little bit of research and study might take some time and effort, but at least it will help people get on the right track to avoid a costly mistake.

Forgetting to read the warranty’s fine print

Warranty is one of the most important things people think about when they try to get a mist fan. A warranty is a guarantee from the vendor that nothing will go wrong with their product. It gives the consumers peace of mind since any fault in the machine’s design or construction will hold the vendor liable for replacing the defective unit with a working one.

There are so many different mist fan companies out there that promise a lifetime warranty on their products. People often forget or do not even bother at all to read the warranty’s fine print. Always check to see if there might be any problems or difficulties should the need arise to make a claim on that warranty.

Not asking for assistance with a project

There are so many different ways and applications where a mister is useful. Mist fans have seen an increasing amount of use in commercial, agricultural, and industrial applications. One thing some people usually fail to forget is that they can ask mist fan companies for a little bit of advice when they get a misting system.

A good mist company will always provide their customers with prudent advice. They will help ensure that their customer’s project is a successful operation. More often than not, all a person has to do is send the mist fan company an email regarding the details of the project. The company will provide assistance in implementing the mist fans. This makes sure that the customer is getting the most amount of value out of their mister.